Popular Grocery Coupons

Coupons can save you hundreds of dollars on groceries and an important factor in repeated coupon use is staying organized. Read on to learn about popular coupons.

Popular at Target are the web coupons that this company has been creating for years. Target offers grocery coupons for everything from their own house brand artisan bread to Cheerios. Target.com is an excellent resource for coupons as they can be combined with manufacturers coupons for even more savings.

Publix has several clubs and promotions where they send grocery coupons to customers for use in their stores. Usually the coupons are store coupons so they can also be combined with manufacturers coupons to further slash your grocery bill. For instance, as a Baby Club Member or a Senior Citizen, coupons will be sent to you monthly. Publix also publishes the generic coupons such as $1 off of any produce or dairy item. These coupons are extremely popular. During the summer, you will also find $5 off of $30 purchases sent to your home in Publix mailers or in your local papers during the week.

Both Kroger (this is true for all of the national stores in the Kroger chain) and Publix double coupons every day of the week. Any coupon up to 50 cents in value will be doubled as long as it does not exceed the price of the product. You can really save on your grocery bill if you read the sales flyers and plan out what you need to buy. Some dollar stores will accept coupons and this can be a bargain bonanza for anyone. National chains such as Dollar General and Family Dollar accept manufacturers coupons. This is great chance to save money on well known items.

As always, pharmacy coupons are extremely popular for grocery stores. Many stores offer amazing deals for transferring or bringing in a new prescription. It is not uncommon to get a $30 Kroger gift card or a $10 Target card for transferring a prescription. This makes almost any prescription worth transferring. The key is in finding the coupon and occasionally pharmacists will share a coupon if they have one.