How to Save at the Grocery Store

By Steve Kettle

We would all like to know how to save at the grocery store. Record high fuel prices are forcing groceries to reach higher and higher prices. It is a vicious cycle, from the cost of producing food to the high cost of getting it to the shelves. What we need is a new way to shop. Power shopping for groceries may be the answer.

One type of power shopping is to be on the prowl for bargains. Scan all the mailers and newspaper flyers for items that are on sale. Clip any grocery coupons to take full advantage of discounts offered.

You may need to plan ahead to get the full benefit of of this type of power shopping, but the added planning could result in significant savings. For example, canned goods will keep for quite a long period. If you see a sale on canned green beans, for example, and you know you will use them within a few months, stock up! Buy the maximum allowed from the coupons or specials offered at the store.

I remember my grandmother clipping coupons from newspapers and magazines while she watched her favorite soap operas on tv. I often thought she was wasting her time, but I now believe she was a prophet. She actually was forewarning me of an energy crisis that I could not imagine twenty years ago. Well, it is here now and we are feeling the crunch in several areas. Any means we can use to create a little savings here and there will surely be a benefit to the old bank account.

Power shopping for groceries can be fun. Make coupon hunting and clipping a family affair. Young children will enjoy clipping coupons, even if they do not comprehend the reason behind their efforts.

Some websites offer coupons, too. If you have a printer you can easily print them for some nice savings.

A little planning and minimal effort is all that is required to learn how to save at the grocery store. With grocery prices expected to continue their uphill march, it is time we mount at least some semblance of defense.

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