How to Save Money with Grocery Coupons

Do you want to save money on your groceries? You can make significant savings using grocery coupons. With the ever-increasing food prices, we could all benefit from cutting the amount we spend on groceries. Grocery coupons provide us with a very simple way of achieving this. Companies offer billions of grocery coupons every year. Extraordinarily only 1% of these grocery coupons are every redeemed by consumers. You can literally have a free lunch by using grocery coupons. I find it hard to believe that more of us are not taking advantage of this very simple way to save money.

To start saving money using grocery coupons you will first need to collect and organise them. The easiest place to find grocery coupons are in Sunday and local newspaper publications. Most local newspapers have weekly food sections with various grocery coupons, which you can clip and file. Most food stores start their specials on a Wednesday or Thursday. The industry refers to these days as BFD, which stands for �Best Food Day�.

It is also worth checking online for grocery coupons because many companies have shifted a large portion of their advertising budget to promoting on the internet. It is also worth keeping an eye out for double coupons. It is common for stores in some areas to offer double coupons, which provide us with another opportunity to make savings.

In order to save the most money from grocery coupons it is important that you try to use them as soon as possible. Although many grocery coupons are available to redeem for up to a year, it is advisable to redeem them within the first month. You will often save more money by using them sooner rather than later because it is common for manufactures to offer an incentive to grocery stores to offer price reductions saving you even more money.